Episode 251

#251 - December 2023 Book News

On our last mid-month check in for 2023, we once again review the latest Asian American book and publishing announcements, as well as recap the latest book news including wishing a farewell to a beloved institution for diverse authors and drinking all the tea on the latest controversy to sweep book twitter!

Upcoming books mentioned in our publishing news:

  • The Guilt Pill by Saumya Dave
  • Nice to Meet Eat You by Karen Yin; illust by Carolina Coroa
  • Cookies and Crescents: An Eid Story by Nada Shawish Dutka; illust by Zelma Firdauzia
  • Bing's Cherries by Livia Blackburne; illust by Julia Kuo
  • To Have and Have More by Sanibel Chai
  • Princess Bulldog by Lovi Goyal Yu; illust by Stephanie Laberis
  • Embrace the Serpent by Sunya Mara
  • So Let Them Burn by Kamilah Cole
  • The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste
  • To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods by Molly X Chang
  • Voyage of the Damned by Frances White
  • Mistress of Lies by KM Enright 
  • Gods of Hunger by R.M. Virtue

News stories covered on this episode:

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The Books & Boba December 2023 pick is Foul Lady Fortune by Chloe Gong

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