Episode 247

#247 - November 2023 Book News

On our mid-month check in for November 2023, we review the latest Asian American book and publishing announcements, as well as follow up on the recent Scholastic book fair controversy as well as checking in on the latest literary awards!

Upcoming books mentioned in our publishing news:

  • We Will Go to Jinju by Grace M. Cho
  • The Typing Lady and To Live for Now by Ruth Ozeki
  • Tea Is Love written by Adib Khorram; illust by Hanna Cha
  • Mustafa's Mithai by Sana Rafi; illust by Nabi H. Ali
  • Badge Quest by Guy Kopsombut
  • Pig Town Party by Lian Cho
  • A Hanbok for Hana by Korena Di Roma Howley; illust by Jaime Kim
  • Aloha Everything by Kaylin Melia George; illust by Mae Waite
  • Chang'e on the Moon by Katrina Moore; illust by Cornelia Li
  • The Salt Princess by Anoosha Syed
  • If You're Reading This, I'm Dead and The Comment Section by Arvin Ahmadi 
  • Somewhere in the Gray by Michelle Jing Chan
  • Inside the Compost Bin by Melody Sumaoang Plan; illust by Rong Pham & Vinh Nguyen
  • Dreamslinger by Graci Kim
  • Made for More by Chloe Ito Ward; illust by Gael Abary

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The Books & Boba November 2023 pick is Squire by Nadia Shammas & Sara Alfageeh

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